Climate Vulnerability Training

The Climate Vulnerability Syllabus

The CVI project is strongly focused on local capacity building within Tanzania, Nigeria and other LMIC countries in Africa. It will create a longer term capacity, embedding a technique and approach within the heritage community and creating long-lasting, sustainable and meaningful international collaborations and relationships.

The project will achieve this by working with partners to:

  1. Create a set of sustainable online training resources on climate change adaptation and cultural heritage; specifically, vulnerability assessment techniques of heritage properties which will have a wider utility within Africa and further afield;
  2.  Publishing two published reports – one from each workshop – with local stakeholders and partners and within each partner country. 
  3. Publishing academic outputs and presenting at both World Heritage and climate change events.

Climate Heritage

Exploring the many ways in which climate change and cultural heritage intersect including impacts, adaptation, carbon mitigation and high ambition. This content will be provided by partners from ICOMOS and the Climate Heritage Network.

OUV Vulnerability

Investigating how climate change impacts the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of sites. This OUV is what makes sites World Heritage and is often under threat from climate change. This will focus on key project sites.

Community Vulnerability

Evaluating the economic, social and cultural dependencies upon the WH property, and the adaptive capacity of these to cope with climate change, for all types of World Heritage properties (cultural, natural and mixed).

Meet our CVI Professionals

Biographies of selected participants will be posted once they have been selected.

A call for applications will be circulated once the Project officially starts in December